An easy way to divide a Cone into 4 equal segments.

You will need...

  • The easy-to-use Printable Cone Marking template found below
  • Paper scissors
  • Pen/Pencil/Butterknife/Tucking Tool/Tracing Wheel (any one of these)
  • A couple of pins
  • Flexible tape measure

You can find our Soft Foam Cones, right HERE.


  1. Print out the template at 100% (do not re-size or use the 'Shrink to Fit' option on your printer).
  2. Cut out one of the templates.
  3. Pin to the bottom of your Foam Cone.
  4. Use the lines on the template to draw guidelines along the bottom of the cone and a flexible tape measure to bring the lines up the cone (see the video above for instructions).

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