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Lesson 6

Page Objectives

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1Checklist Item #1
2Basic Star Pattern
3I own the Basic Star Pattern

1Own the Basic Star Pattern?
2Own the Snow Globe Pattern?
3Own the Moonlight Pattern?
4Own the Cathedral Pattern?
5Own the Flurry Pattern?
6Own the Trinity Knot Pattern?
7Own the Snowflake Pattern?
8Own the Poinsettia Pattern?
9Own the Shooting Star Pattern?
10Own the Centered Tree Pattern?
11Own the Parasol Pattern?
12Own the Country Angel Pattern?
13Own the Prairie Pinecone Pattern?
14Own the Windmill Pattern?
15Own the Flag Heart Pattern?
16Own the Rosebud Pattern?
17Own the Quilted Owl Pattern?
18Own the Iris Pattern?
19Own the Prairie Pinwheel Pattern?
20Own the Kaleidoscope Pattern?
21Own the Ohio Star Pattern?
22Own the North Star Pattern?
23Own the Stars & Stripes Heart Pattern?
24Own the Half & Half Pattern?
25Own the Round Pine Cone Pattern?
26Own the Quilted Tree Pattern?
27Own the Bloom Pattern?
28Own the Classic Easter Egg Pattern?
29Own the Starburst Pattern?
30Own the Pinwheel Pattern?
31Own the Elements Pattern?
32Own the Vertical Striped Pine Cone Pattern?
33Own the Top-to-Bottom Starburst Pattern?
34Own the Heart-Shaped Snow Globe Pattern?
35Own the Spiral Easter Egg Pattern?
36Own the Petal Snow Globe Pattern?
37Own the Beehive Pine Cone Pattern?
38Own the Beach Umbrella Pattern?
39Own the Witch Hat Pattern?
40Own the Gilded Heart Pattern?
41Own the Flutter Egg Pattern?
42Own the Posey Pattern?
43Own the Butterfly Pattern?
44Own the Liberty Crown Pattern?
45Own the Suncatcher Pattern?
46Own the Pina Colada Pattern?
47Own the Black Tie Pattern?
48Own the Enchanted Pumpkin Pattern?
49Own the Angel Pattern?
50Own the Bethlehem Star Pattern?
51Own the Cupcake Pattern?
52Own the Woodland Window Pattern?
53Own the Easter Blossom Pattern?
54Own the Twister Pattern?
55Own the Nova Pattern?
56Own the Carnival Pattern?
57Own the Ruffle Tree Pattern?
58Own the Luau Pattern?
59Own the Country Apple Pattern?
60Own the Spinner Pattern?
61Own the Elf Hat Pattern?
62Own the Woven Window Pattern?
63Own the Sweetheart Pattern?
64Own the Clover Pattern?
65Own the Canterbury Pattern?
66Own the Prairie Point Pinwheel Pattern?
67Own the Scalloped Snow Globe Pattern?
68Own the Sparkler Pattern?