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I'm so glad you've decided to join the 'Refer An Ornament Girl' program! On this page, you'll find all the info you'll need to successfully spread the word!

Here is Your Unique Affiliate Link:

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How does this link work?

Anytime a sale is made from this link, you will earn a 50% commission.

For example, let's say you send this link to your friend Sue. Sue clicks the link and checks out TheOrnamentGirl.com. The link you originally sent Sue has a tracking code, which will let me know that you sent her. After a few days, Sue decides she would like to join The Ornament Girls Club, and she does. Since Sue joined the club after you referred her, YOU get the credit for the sale.

You will receive a 50% commission for her first month as an Ornament Girl. This means, that if she signed up as a VIP Member for $27, you will receive $13.50 from me.

You will earn 50% on the first month of any new members you refer, and you will also earn 50% of any Ornament Girl eBook or Bundle sales you refer!

Important Terms & Conditions:

Commission for Ornament Girls Club Referrals are paid on the Referral's first month of membership only.

Aside from Ornament Girls Club Memberships as described above, commissions are paid on Ornament Girl digital products only (eBooks and eBook Bundles). Commissions are NOT paid on other kits, extra kits, or other physical products offered by TheOrnamentGirl. Commissions are NOT paid on SugarPlum Patterns.

Please see the full Program Terms & Conditions HERE.