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The Very Basics

Are you BRAND new to online business? Not sure how a website really works? Start with this crash course in the very basics of how to navigate the online world.

Your Total Business Picture

What will your successful business look like as a whole? This class will give you an overall picture of what you need to build in order to make it all come together.

Your Beautiful Website

This multi-part class will take you from the basics of building your site, all the way through customization & design.

Build Your Shop

How will your potential customers buy from you? This class will walk you through how to add e-commerce to your website - and even add your very own shopping cart.

Keep In Touch with your Customers

Your site is built, and ready to sell. Now, how will you 'capture' your visitors so that you can turn them into customers? Your email list! This class will walk you through building, growing, and nurturing your subscribers.

Photos that Sell

The most beautiful site in the world won't sell your crafts, if you aren't showing your customers how amazing they are. And to do this, you need great photos. This class will show you how to take (and edit!) photos that sell - and no, you don't have to be a professional. 

Why Should Anyone Buy From You?

Are you promoting your products everywhere you can think of, and still no one's buying? Does it seem like NO ONE appreciates your work? Guess what? You're promoting to the wrong people. This class will show you how to find the RIGHT customers.

Attract New Customers

How do you get the right customers to find out about you? This class will lead you through creating content, so that the people who WANT to find your products, can.

Don't Be a Needle in a Haystack

Does it feel there are a bajillion other people out there competing with you, and you are getting lost in the crowd? This class will teach you how to stand out in the search engines (Google!), so that if someone is searching for what you have, you'll be the one they find.

Rock Star Social Media

Social media can be overwhelming, and it can seem like your posts aren't reaching many people. In this class, I'll show you what I do to receive hundreds (and sometimes thousands) of 'likes' on my posts, and how I've turned those 'likes' into 75K followers, and over 20K email subscribers.

How do you do it all?

Blogging, product photos, websites, oh my! And then there's social media, licenses, taxes, and email lists... the list of things to do as a handmade seller can feel like it will NEVER end. And guess what? It won't. But... you can make it easier. This class will show you all the things I do to keep it all under control, and still have a life.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

This class will show you how to add Affiliate Marketing to your business, in order to not only provide amazing resources to your customers, but also to help you offset the other costs in your business, such as supplies & software.

Creating Tutorials

Want to know how you can create amazing tutorials (both free & paid) for your visitors and customers, with no special software - for FREE? This class will show you how.

All Things Legal

I am not a lawyer by any means (and I recommend you always consult one if you are starting a biz!), but this class will give you the basics you need to know when getting started, including tax info, sales tax, disclaimers, etc.

Books I Recommend

I couldn't teach a course about selling online, without including a list of the books that have changed my mindset and my life. I read a LOT of books, and this list includes only the ones that I feel are life-changing.