We've had a lot of questions coming up lately regarding teaching & selling ornaments and/or patterns, so I want to address these here.

Below is a list of FAQs.. PLEASE READ these if you are making and/or thinking of selling, anything relating to any ornament pattern or design sold or distributed by me, Staci Ann Lowry, or any of my designers.

A few quick rules of thumb:

*Under NO circumstance, can you distribute any eBook without our written consent. This means no photocopying (other than for your own personal use), sharing ANYWHERE online, uploading to social media or groups (even if they are private), or absolutely ANY other means of distribution. THIS IS ILLEGAL. (see FAQs below for further info).

*Under NO circumstance, can you teach our patterns/designs to others without our written consent. This also includes the patterns we teach for free. Our designs are copyrighted, even if WE have chosen to release them to the public for free.

(If you know of anyone who is illegally sharing or teaching any of our work, please CONTACT ME. We offer a reward for tipping me off about the illegal use of my eBooks/designs.)

*Much of this comes down to what is morally right. If you learned it from us, that means we put our love, time, and work into coming up with it. It is NOT okay with us to claim any of our techniques or designs as your own, or to teach it to others.... and it is completely ILLEGAL to share/copy/distribute any of our copyrighted works (please read all of the FAQs below for more details).

*If you are unsure about what you are allowed to do regarding any of our patterns, please just ask! 

Other Copyright-Related Questions...